90+ COOL Activities for your Preschooler

to do with 9 household supplies



Meet the Activity Toolkit!

We know how hard it can be to keep your prechoolers busy. And you don't want them watching cartoons all day, right?

The Activity Toolkit is your rescue kit, packed with awesome ideas of cool activities your kids will love!

Normally a $39 value.

You'll always have *something to do* with

90+ activity ideas to do with just 9 supplies

What parents & teachers are saying

Laurel, mom
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"Really easy to read and use. I can let the kids pick (even though they can't read) from the pictures and pages and then follow the simple instructions. Great toolkit, I even shared it with the Sunday School teachers at my church as quick activities to do with their students between content."
Aimee, homeschooling mom
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"It was easy to use, required easy to obtain materials. My kids loved it and it helped break up the day to day."
Kristina, teacher
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"I have already recommended to my close friends and colleagues. I use it while working with children with special needs."

Go-to Activity Ideas

Ready to go whenever you need one.

Minimum Prep

With all the supplies at your fingertips prep time is almost zero.

Screen Free

Engaging activities that don't involve screens.

What's inside

the Activity toolkit

90+ engaging activity ideas to do with your preschooler at home, in the restaurant or at grandma's house

including both individual activities and group activities all your kids can do together

a list of just 9 supplies that you'll need to do all 90+ activities

90+ printable activity flash cards so you'll always have the ideas at your fingertips

tips to engage your kids and keep them interested

3 types of awesome activities


Designed to activate your kids with lots of jumping, crawling, and bouncing around.


Engaging educational activities with an emphasis on numbers, letters, and colors.


Get creative with easy crafts, paper projects, guided drawing, and other fun ideas.

Each activity comes on an easy-to-follow instructional

Activity Flashcard

you bring the supplies, we'll take care of the rest


Mom to Mom, let me ask you something...

How many times have you wished you had something for your kiddo to do while you do the dishes, make dinner or - dare I say it - have a cup of coffee?

And how many times did you want to do something fun and engaging with your child, but you just didn't know what to do?

Sure, you could go search on Pinterest, but we all know how that ends... you'll pin dozens of activities, but never actually do any of them.

I know how you feel. Because I've been there.

As a Mom of two, I know how overwhelming it can be to have activity ideas for your little one that you'll ACTUALLY DO.

That's why I put together the Activity Toolkit with 90+ activities that you can do with only 9 simple supplies.



Here are answers to some of the questions you may have. If there's anything else you'd like explained, please contact me at [email protected]. I would love to help anytime!

The activities inside the Activity Toolkit are designed for preschoolers, so kids from 2.5-6 years old. Many of the activities are also appropriate for older kids, so if your preschoolers has older siblings, many of the activities would be fun for all of them.

The activities in the Activity Bag are grouped into three types: ‘create’ activities consist of easy crafts, like paper projects, guided drawing etc. You’ll find engaging educational activities in the ‘learn’ group with an emphasis on numbers, letters, and colors. The ‘move’ activities are designed to activate your kids, so there is lots of jumping, crawling, and bouncing involved.

This is the real beauty of the Activity Toolkit. You only need 9 supplies to do all 90+ activities. And they are supplies you probably already have at home: dice, crayons, paper, mini pom poms, masking tape, baloons, playing cards, handkerchief and scissors.

Absolutely. The activities can be done with one child or with a group of children. Some of the activities are actually group activities, so they are perfect for bigger families.

No, you don’t need a printer. You can save the activities on your desktop or your mobile device and simply scroll through them. You do not need the flashcards printed out to do the activities. However, if you prefer to have a hard copy, the flashcards are prepared for printing on letter sized paper.

If you’ve ever found yourself desperate to find quick and easy activity ideas for your preschooler, the Activity Toolkit is perfect for you. It is the right choice f you want to provide your kids with quality, educational activities, but are limited with time for prepping.

This is a digital product. You will not receive anything in the mail.

The Activity Toolkit is regularly priced at $39, but (for a very limited time only) you can get it for only $17. This is our way of thanking you for joining the YES! community.

Your Activity Toolkit will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

Just imagine if you:

had an almost endless list of fun and engaging activities you could do any time

had all the supplies needed at your fingertips

never had to scour the internet for activity ideas again

could spend quality time with your kids instead of searching for activities you'll never even do


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