Toddler Snail Coloring Page and Craft

Colored paper snail on the colored paper leaf

Looking for a simple low-prep toddler activity? Get our snail craft coloring page template and make this easy paper snail craft.

Today I’ve got an easy toddler craft that’s perfect for whenever you need a quick and easy activity. 

I say toddler because it’s easy enough to make even for the littlest kids. But older kids will love making this as well.

This coloring and cutting activity is perfect for when you need a few minutes to empty the dishwasher or fold the laundry. You can give the coloring page to your little one and let them color it in. And then help them when it’s time to cut.

Snail Coloring Page and Craft Free Printable Template

Paper snail coloring page and craft

This easy activity consists of three parts: coloring, cutting and folding.

You’ll need your snail craft template. As always, you can get it from the members’ library. Download and print on regular office paper.

How to make your paper snail?

Making paper snail

First, have your little one color in the snail and the leaf on the template. Encourage them to get creative. Use different colors, draw patterns, come up with ornaments. The snail doesn’t have to be realistic, let your child put their imagination to work.

Then, cut out the snail and the leaf. If your child is very young, do this for them. If they’re getting familiar with scissors, encourage them to try and cut along the lines. It’s OK if it’s not perfect, make sure they know that.

Finally, fold the snail along the dashed lines. This will form the base of the snail. Then roll the end of the paper inwards from the end towards the snail’s head. Stop at the first dashed line. Rolling the paper will form the spiral shell.

Place the snail on the leaf. If you want, you can glue it in place. And voila, your happy snail is done.

Now go and make a second one. These are too cute to make just one.

Colored paper snail on the colored paper leaf

Download our free Snail coloring page and craft printable.

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