DIY Recipe Book with a Free Recipe Binder Printable

DIY Recipe Book with Free Recipe Binder Printable

Use our free recipe binder printable to make a colorful DIY recipe book! Great way to encourage older kids to learn how to cook.

I’ve always loved cooking, even when I was a child. I wouldn’t say my mom was an avid cook (sorry, mom), but I remember how much I enjoyed watching her prepare food for us. Or help her make simple chocolate chip cookies. Or lick the spoon when we were done.

Later when I was proably already a teenager I liked experimenting in the kitchen on my own. My mom gave me complete freedom to do whatever I wanted. And I think that all of that is part of why I still love cooking today.

Make your DIY recipe book!​

I am really excited about the printable that I’m sharing today. It’s a template for a DIY recipe book, which I think is a great tool to help encourage your kids to get into cooking.

Print it out from the members’ library, and assemble it together with the kids. You’ll need a regular ring binder and some clear plastic pockets. (If you prefer, you can hole punch the prints. I like using the pockets, because you can wipe any spills or splatters away after you’re done cooking).

Then, encourage your kiddos to write down their favorite recipes. You could also copy some of the family favorites from cookboks or from the internet. 

Obviously, you can totally use this (even if you don’t have kids) to make a grown-up family recipe book. What’s so great about it is that it’s a blank template, so you can fill it up with any type of recipes you want. Start with all of your family recipes and add new favorites as you go along!

DIY Recipe Book with Free Recipe Binder Printable
DIY Recipe Book with Free Recipe Binder Printable

Our free recipe binder printable includes:

  • The front cover page
  • 8 divider pages (for 8 dish categories)
  • Recipe pages in 4 different colors (to match the dish categories)

Did I say it was completely free? To download it, you just have to fill out the form at the end of this article. It will only take a minute (and will also give you access to loads of other freebies in our members’ library).

Alrighty then, let’s get cooking!

DIY Recipe Book with Free Recipe Binder Printable
DIY Recipe Book with Free Recipe Binder Printable
Free Recipe Binder Printable

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DIY Recipe Book printable.

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