Learn About the Planets – Solar System Activity

DIY Solar system with the planets in order

Learn about the planets with our awesome printable solar system activity. Make your own paper solar system model with our free printable planets template. So easy and so cute!

I find the universe so fascinating, don’t you? There is something so magical about it and the fact that we probably have no idea what (else) is really out there amazes me even more.


To be completely honest with you, I’ve never really looked into the whole topic (besides from when we had to learn about the planets at school). So when I did some research for this awesome printable we have here today, I was really amazed by some of the fun facts about planets I learned!

Two fun facts about planets

For example, did you know it takes Neptune more than 160 Earth years to orbit the Sun? That means it will barely make half of its journey in my lifetime!


And did you know that the lowest average temperatures on any planet are on Neptune? Which makes sense, since it’s located farthest from the Sun. But interestingly, the coldest temperature ever recorded of a planet was from Uranus!


OK, so enough of my nerd-mode. This is not what this whole thing is about. 


But I’m sure if this whole universe thing fascinates me so much, it must be even more amazing for the kiddos!

Planets in order

Learn about the planets with the kids

We’re here for the kids, right? And so is this awesome solar system activity book we made for you and your little ones.


This printable solar system is a fun planets craft that is perfect for introducing preschoolers to the concept of the universe. 


It is also a great learning aid to help kids learn about the planets in order, grasp the way planets orbit the Sun and so on.


And as always with our printables, it is really easy to make!

The planets in order

How to make a paper solar system model

To make your 2d solar systam model you will need some cardstock, paper glue, scissors, and a brad paper fastener. 


And of course, our printable solar system activity book. You can download it from the members’ library.


The assembly is pretty easy and your kids will be more than happy to help, I am sure!


Glue the printed sheets onto some cardstock. Cut out all of the pieces. Place the planet pieces together, so the bottom sides are aligned and make a whole through on the hole mark. Also, make a hole in the Sun.


Using the brad paper fastener, assemble the book. And your solar system activity book is done!

Solar system with fun facts about the planets

Learn about the planets together!

There is a fun fact about each planet written in the activity book. Read them together and talk about them. Then, encourage your kids to explore even further! Talk about how the planets move around the Sun, how astronauts explore space and so on.


There are so many fascinating things to learn about the planets and the universe and this solar system activity book is the perfect place to start!


If you’re looking for other ways to explore the universe, we’ve got an awesome solar system coloring page for your kids! It’s so cute!

Solar system activity DIY
Free PDF solar system printable

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