Herb Garden Plant Labels

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Make these cute herb garden plant labels out of polymer clay. They will look great in your indoor herb garden or your garden outside!

I love cooking and herbs are a big part of my cooking endeavors. I try to keep some fresh herbs on my kitchen window at all times.


Believe it or not, even after all these years of growing and cooking with herbs, I still have to think twice sometimes about certain herbs to figure out which is which.

That’s why we made these cute polymer clay herb garden plant labels. They look so adorable in my kitchen herb garden. I love how they add a pop of color in the beautiful shades of green from the plants.


You could easily make these to use in the garden as well. They are completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about rain getting them…


As usual around here, these are very easy to make. Let me show you how.


How to Make Herb Garden Plant Labels

Gather your supplies. You’ll need:

1   First, roll out the polymer clay about 5 mm thick. Using your cookie cutter or plastic cap, cut out as many circles as you need.


2   Use your alphabet cookie stamps to write out the name of the plant you want to mark. Keep in mind you have to write the word out backward (so you get a mirror image of the actual word).


3   Print the herb name into the polymer clay.


4   Finally, make a hole to hang the pendants.


5   Put the herb plant labels on a baking sheet and bake following the manufacturer’s instructions. If using Fimo Soft polymer clay, bake for 30 min at 230 °F (110 °C).


6   Form a small hanger out of the wire by binding it into the desired shape. Hang your plant labels.

Stick the labels in your pots and enjoy your beautiful herb garden. You have to admit these herb garden plant labels are just adorable!

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