Ombre Rope Coasters

Ombre rope coasters - A simple project for a pretty table setting -

Don’t you just love it, when something is super easy and fast to make and turns out so cute? Well, let me tell you, these adorable ombre rope coasters definitely fit into this category. With some basic sewing skills, a cotton rope, and colorful thread, you can have these made in under an hour. Isn’t that amazing?

These ombre rope coasters make a cute little accessory for your table setting. 


They would be perfect for your next party and can make a super lovely handmade birthday gift. And once you’ve learned how to make them, you will be making all sorts of rope stuff: rope bowls, hot mats, rugs and rope baskets (something like this is definitely on our to-do list!).


So let’s get sewing, shall we?

Ombre rope coasters - A simple project for a pretty table setting -

To make ombre rope coasters you will need:

    • Cotton rope
    • Neutral thread (same color as the cotton rope)
    • Thread in varying (but similar) color (we used 3 different blues, 3 different yellows …)
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine

Let’s make this!

Before starting, prepare your sewing machine. Insert the appropriate needle (we suggest using a needle for heavier fabrics, like denim) and wind the bobbin with the neutral thread – this thread will only be visible on the bottom side of the coaster. Then set your machine to a zigzag stitch wide enough to reach two ropes placed side-by-side (we used a 4.0 stitch width and a 2.0 stitch length on our janome sewing machine).

Ombre rope coasters - A simple project for a pretty table setting -

1  Start by making a tight coil.

2  Using your neutral thread, zig zag stich straight across and reverse over the coil. This will keep the coil in place.

3  Starting in the centre of the coil and still using the neutral thread, slowly start zig zag stiching around the coil. Make sure your stitch reaches the rope both on the left and on the right side of the needle.

4  Once you’ve sewn a few circles of neutral zigzag stitches, change your thread with one of your colors. To get the ombre effect, start with the darkest of your colors, gradually changing your spools towards the lightest of your colors. Make a few circles with each of your colors until you have almost reached the final size of the coaster.

5  Use your neutral thread for the last few circles of stitches. When you are happy with the size of the coaster, stop sewing and cut the rope about 2 inches from where your stitch ends.

6  Tuck the end of the rope backward and underneath the coaster. Zigzag stitch over the tucked end. Zigzag backward a few stitches for security.

And you are done! Pretty simple, right?

Ombre rope coasters - A simple project for a pretty table setting -

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