Printable Paper Watch Template for Kids

Paper watch

Make your own paper wristwatch with our paper watch template! A fun paper watch craft to help kids learn to tell the time.

If you’re a parent of a preschooler, I’m sure you’re familiar with this.


Is it 7 o’clock yet? Can I watch cartoons for 5 more minutes? Is it 5 minutes yet? How long is 5 minutes?


The time-related questions are endless, at least at our house. And what’s even funnier is the fact that my daughter can’t tell the time yet. So all of those concepts must be completely ungraspable to her.

Start Learning to Tell the Time

I thought that maybe it’s time to start learning to tell the time (pun intended). 


I never want to get ahead of myself or push my kids for no reason. So I thought we’d start just by introducing her to the concept with a fun little project she can make herself.

Paper watch template

Printable Paper Watch Craft

After a quick brainstorming session, Barbara and I decided to make a fun paper watch craft. 


Even the test version of the printable was a big hit with my daughter and her friend from kindergarten, so I’m sure your kiddos will love it, too.


What’s so great about this craft is the fact that you’ll only need scissors and crayons to make it. No glue or anything. So it’s the perfect quick activity for when you’re pressed with time or have a half an hour to fill.


The paper watch template includes four different designs, so your little one can choose the style they want for their watch. Or make all four of them!

How to make a paper watch

How to Make your Paper Watch

1   First, download the paper watch template from the members’ library. Print it out on regular office paper. 


2   Then have your little one color the watch straps. 


3   Now comes the learning part. Explain how every watch has an hour hand and a minute hand. How one moves faster than the other and so on. Have your little one draw the two hands.


4   Cut out the watch. Don’t forget the four short cuts at both ends of the strap. (These are there so your kiddo can actually wear the watch on their wrist.) Measure the length of the strap and if it’s too long, cut off the excess.


5   Now your child can put the watch on. Wrap it around the wrist and slip the two ends of the strap together.


Voila! Your paper watch is done. How cute is that?



If you’re looking for other easy paper crafts, take a look at our popular Printable Snail Paper Craft. This one is a winner!

Paper watch printable

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