Polar Bear Gift Bag Template

Free printable polar bear gift bag

Make your own gift bags or adorable favor bags for kids or adults. Download our free polar bear gift bag template and follow the easy step-by-step tutorial.

This post is part of the YES! Xmas Challenge, where we share one new (and free!) kids activity every single day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th.


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Christmas is all about giving. And, in total honesty, a little bit about receiving. Both are fun, aren’t they? It’s really nice when you get something you’ve had on your wish list or something you didn’t even know wanted.


But to tell you the truth, over the years, I’ve actually gotten to a point where I prefer the giving part. When I find something I know the recipient will love, I get excited about the present more than if I was getting it myself.

And to make a present even more special, I always try to take the time to wrap it really nicely. 


We’ve shared a few printables to help you gift wrap your Christmas presents already. These Christmas Gift Tags and this Christmas Wrapping Paper.


And we’ve got some Birthday Gift Tags, too, in case you’ve got some Birthday presents to wrap.


For Day 17 of the YES! Christmas Challenge I designed an adorable Polar Bear Gift Bag template. It can also be used as a favor bag for a kids’ party. And you get everything you need right here at our blog.

Polar bear favor box printable template

How to Make the Polar Bear Gift Bag

Step 1: Download and Print

To make this, you will need the polar bag gift template. You can download it from the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at the end of this post.


There are two letter-sized pages for you to print out. We recommend using some sort of cardstock – regular office paper will be too flimsy.

Step 2: Cut

Once you’ve got your template printed out, prepare your cutting tools. The easiest (and most precise) way to do this is to use a craft knife, a cutting mat, and a metal ruler.


Cut along all of the solid lines. On curves, use scissors instead of the craft knife. Don’t forget to cut the openings for the ears (just above the bear’s head).


You will get two separate pieces of the bag – the front and the back.

Step 3: Score and Fold

Now it’s time to score to make the folding easier. Using a scoring knife and your ruler, score along all the dashed lines. When you’re done, fold along all the scored lines.

Step 4: Glue

Finally, glue it all together. We used a regular glue stick for this. Apply glue on the marked surfaces. We marked the steps in which to glue and assemble the bag on the template.

Polar bear gift bag printable craft

Now all you have to do is place your gift inside the bag. To close, slip the ears through the ear openings and your gift is ready to be given!


Happy holidays!

Printable gift bag printable template

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Polar Bear Gift Bag

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