Printable Spice Jar Labels

Printable Spice Jar Labels on Spice Jars

Time to organize your spices! I made these lovely printable spice jar labels, so you can finally get that spice drawer nice and tidy.

To make these, you will need some spice jars. You can use any type of reusable spice jars you like. I think our spice jar labels would look great on these, for example. Or, you could upcycle smaller glass jam jars for an eco-friendly type of project.


I used the Ikea Rimforsa tube-shaped glass containers. I love how elegant they look, don’t you?

Printable Spice Jar Labels on Spice Jars

Make your own spice jar labels

To get access to our printable spice jar labels, please follow the instructions at the end of this article. It’s very easy and will only take a minute, I promise!


Labels for more than 20 spices are ready for you to print out. However, if there is something that’s missing from the list, you can easily add your own custom labels.

Printable Spice Jar Labels on Spice Jars

Add your own custom text

This is the best part of our printable spice jar labels! We’ve prepared the template so that you can add your own text! You will need to work on your desktop for this and have Adobe Acrobat installed.


Adding your custom text is super easy. Just open the file (again, to download it, follow the instructions at the end of this article) in Adobe Acrobat, click on the text box inside the label and write your own text.


We have embedded the Quicksand font in the PDF, so it should work from the get-go. 


However, if the font isn’t working for some reason, you can easily download it from Google Fonts (click here).

That’s it! No excuses not to make your own labels for spice jars right this moment!

Printable Spice Jar Labels on Spice Jars

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