Valentines Day Card Printable: I Love You This Much

DIY Valentines Day Card

Download this adorable Valentines Day card printable and make this special V-Day card with your kids. It’s nice giving biiiig hugs to the ones you love!

I get that not all of you are big fans of Valentine’s Day. Neither am I, to be honest. But you gotta admit, there are some pretty nice things about it.

Chocolates, fancy dinners, some more chocolates. But what’s really nice about Valentine’s Day is the fact that it gives all of us a little nudge to say I Love You to the people we hold dear.

I think it’s a great opportunity to speak about who we love and why with our kids. And then, as a special little craft to go with the whole V-Day theme, help them make a card for someone special.

We came up with this adorable Valentine’s Day card printable that is super easy to make but is adorable once it’s finished. And also very personal, as you will see.

And here’s how you can make it.

Valentines day card I love you this much

How to make our Valentines Day Card

To make your Valentines card you will need:

  • The Valentines Day card printable template (instructions on how to get it are below)
  • Scissors
  • Crayons

Print out the template. We recommend using thicker paper or cardstock to make the card a bit sturdier.

Fold the card along the dotted lines. As marked on the template, you’ll fold forward along the inner two lines and backward along the outer two lines. If my explanation isn’t clear, please look at the pictures to get a better idea of how to fold.

And now comes the fun part. Have your little one draw their self-portrait inside the card. This is why this template is so great – because even the little kids can make the card. If they know how to write, they can sign their name somewhere. Otherwise, sign it for them.

That’s it. All you have to do is get the card delivered to that special someone. Or maybe they made it for you?

Valentines day card with hearts

How to Download the Valentines Day Card Printable

As always, this printable is available to download for free from the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up by filling out the form at the end of this post.

Once you’re in the library, search for Valentines Day card printable and hit download. That’s it!

Now go on and make one with your little one! You just might get one, too.

Valentines Day Card to Print

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