Weekly School Schedule Template

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Every student, big or small, needs a timetable. Our weekly school schedule template is perfect if you need a plain (but cute) timetable template.


When I went to school I remember I always had a school schedule neatly written and taped to my bedroom door. Every school night my mom would have me prepare my things for the next day. So I’d go over the schedule and put the books and everything else I needed in my school bag. 


It’s funny how vividly I still remember this. I think I liked the feeling of independence it gave me. I guess it was because I was the one responsible for taking everything I needed. If I didn’t pack it, I’d have a problem the next day…


Writing a school schedule is something most of us don’t even think twice about. And although it’s not a huge deal, it is a small step toward a young person’s independence.



That’s why we wanted to create a school schedule that was not only useful but would also look nice. And wasn’t cluttered with unnecessary elements.

Get your weekly school schedule template!

To help you and your kiddo get school organized in style, we came up with this weekly schedule template printable. It’s available for you to download from our member’s library.


The printable features two different color schemes and is perfect for getting organized for school.

It’s great for girls and boys alike and works well even for older kids (and adults, for that matter). 


It also makes a cute class schedule template. So if you’re a teacher, you can print it out a bit bigger and hang it in your classroom.


So what do you say? Ready to get school organized?


Download our free Weekly school schedule template.

Fill out the form below to get the download link.

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