Printable Advent Calendar for Kids: Trim the Tree

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Countdown to Christmas with our printable advent calendar for kids. Download our free template, cut it out and literally trim the tree until Christmas!

You would think after 30 years on this planet, I would learn something. But still every year, I somehow manage to miss completely the beginning of December.


I don’t technically miss it, but it always seems to catch me by surprise. So any elaborate advent calendar ideas I might have, go down the drain the second I realize we’re a week into December with no advent calendar in sight.

Easy Printable Advent Calendar

I am sure I’m not alone in this (am I?). So this year, I did what I usually do in these situations. I came up with a printable!


I wanted to make a fun printable advent calendar for kids, as that’s what we do around here. But this one is just as perfect for all those adults (like me) who still get giddy about the countdown to Christmas. But aren’t that great at planning for it (guilty!).

Trim the Tree

So what’s so great about this advent calendar? Well, you literally just have to print it and cut it out, and you’re ready to hang it on your fridge or wherever you find fit.


Then, as each day passes, you just have to cut one strip at the bottom of the tree. As the days go by, your tree will get smaller and smaller. And for Christmas, you’ll finally get to the very special star on top.


So cute, right?

How to download the calendar?

As always, the printable advent calendar for kids is available from the members’ library. For those of you who aren’t members yet, you can sign up by filling out the form at the end of this article. Just search for ‘printable advent calendar for kids’ and hit download! Easy.


Now go on and get your advent calendar! And if you’re in the mood for some more Christmas activities, we’ve got more Christmas fun here:


Happy December!

Download our free Printable advent calendar for kids.

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