Letter to Santa Template – Free Printable

Letter to Santa Free Printable Template

Have you written your letter to Santa? It’s never too early to get on his list, so download our free printable template and write your own letter to Mr. Claus!

There is something really magical about the anticipation of Christmas. That’s why I’ve always loved making Christmas ornaments and other decorations in the weeks before the day.

And now that I have kids, I love it even more. (By the way, we’ve got a list of 30+ Kids’ Christmas ornaments you can make this year.)

But if there’s one thing you can do with your kids that can make the whole experience even more special, it’s… yup, you guessed it. Writing a letter to Santa!

We’ve created a fun Letter to Santa Template for you to write the most awesome Santa letters this year.

Letter to Santa Template

The letter to Santa Template consists of two printable pages.

The first is the actual letter your kiddo is going to send Santa. We’ve come up with some of the text for you, so you just have to fill in the blanks.

Fill the Gaps Letter to Santa

Your little one will first introduce themselves by writing their name and age. Then, it’s time to tell Santa how good they’ve been this year. Have they been kind of naughty or really nice? (I’m curious what your kids will say!)

And of course, there’ a place to write their secret wishes. Whether it’s a toy they’ve been eyeing in the kids’ aisle or some candy they only get for special occasions. There’s gotta be something they are longing for.

If your child can write, then naturally encourage them to fill out the letter on their own. But even if they can’t, this is a really fun activity you can do together. Kids are going to love coming up with things to say to Santa, even if it’s you who writes them down.

Letter to Santa Envelope Label

Letter to Senta Envelope

The second printable page is the label to put on the envelope. It has a special postage stamp, a postal stamp and Santa’s address on it. This makes the whole thing super realistic and it’s what makes the little ones really excited.


This is one of those super simple printables, so if you’re looking for a fun (pre)holiday activity, you have to try this. 

How to download the Letter to Santa

As always, the Letter to Santa template is available in the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at the end of this post.


All you have to do is download it and print it out. And let the Christmas magic begin!


Have fun writing to Santa!

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Letter to Santa.

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