Printable Baking Conversion Chart

Baking Conversion Chart Free Printable

How about some baking? Get our baking conversion chart and put it in your recipe book, so you’ll always know how much sugar is too much.


As I’ve written here before, I’ve always liked being in the kitchen. As a toddler, I would sit on the countertop while my mom was cooking. (There’s a picture of a 2-year old me sitting on the countertop licking a spatula that’s very famous in my family.)

Then as a teenager, I loved experimenting on my own. Baking was my thing. I had complete freedom (thank you, mom!) to do whatever I liked. That’s probably part of why I loved baking so much!

Cups to grams to cups to … huh?

Even back then when we didn’t turn to Pinterest for recipes and we still had printed cookbooks at home I remember some of my recipes had the measurements written in cups.

You see, we have the metric system here, so trying to figure out the whole cup measuring system had me baffled every single time.

So today I am sharing a cute and useful baking conversion chart.

Baking Conversion Chart Free Printable Close-up

Our baking conversion chart

We’ve made two types, so hopefully, every one of you will find it useful. One converts from cups to grams (and grams to cups) and the other from cups to US fluid ounces (and the other way around).

It converts all of your basic baking ingredients. If you’re need an ingredient that’s not on the chart, I suggest you use the conversion for the ingredient that seems the most similar. 

You can use it yourself, but it can also be a great tool to give to your older kids to encourage them to learn how to bake. 

Letting kids experiment in the kitchen gives them a great sense of accomplishment. And teaches them some valuable lessons. Also, when they’re converting the measurements, they’re bound to brush up on their maths a bit. Win-win, right?

Make a recipe book!

If you haven’t made it already, be sure to check out our popular DIY recipe book printable. Any baker (young or old) will love it. And it goes great with the conversion chart.

Download the baking conversion chart PDF from the members’ library and print it out right now! Put it in your family recipe book or on your fridge, so you’ll always have it at hand.

Happy baking!

Baking Conversion Chart Free Printable

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