Best Black Friday Deals for Awesome Kids Christmas Presents

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Ready to get some amazing deals for your Christmas shopping? We’ve gathered some amazing Black Friday deals for your kids’ Christmas presents.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is an amazing opportunity to do all of your Christmas shopping. It is a once-a-year amazing sale with some awesome deals you can’t miss out on. This year the sale runs from Friday, Nov. 29 through Monday, Dec. 2, 2019.


You’ve probably got your eyes on something you’ve been wanting to buy for yourself (perhaps get the amazing deal for a new Cricut or a Vitamix blender).

Kids’ Christmas Gifts Amazon Deals

But we’re here for the kids, right? So what this whole list is all about is the best deals you can get for Black Friday for awesome kids’ Christmas presents. The holiday season has begun, after all, and getting all of your Christmas shopping done early will save you lots of grief later. You can trust me on this.

To make this list of Black Friday Kids’ Christmas Presents Deals easier to use, we’ve separated the present ideas by age range. Of course, these are just guidelines, as some of the toys listed here grow with the child (and we love those around here!).

We’ll try to make sure all the deals and prices listed here are accurate. We will add to this deal list as we find more Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we think could help you.

Black Friday Deals for Baby Presents

Let’s face it. Getting a Christmas present for your baby is sometimes like getting a present for yourself. For example, if you’re looking for a georgeous addition to your family room, this wooden activity centre for your baby (which is on sale) is perfect!


If you’d prefer something smaller to give to your youngest, you can’t go wrong with soft baby blocks or a wooden sorter toy (both on sale!).


And this Tubes Builder Set is amazing for bath time!!

Click on the images below to get your deals!

Black Friday Deals for Toddler Christmas Gifts (2-5 years)

Kids at this age are like spunges, so you gotta make sure you get them toys that will not only be fun, but will also encourage them to use their imagination (like this awesome Paper Bag Puppets Kit), logical thinking (my kids love their Magnetic Blocks) and inspire creative play.


Some of my personal favorites are: Wooden Train set, Magnetic Blocks and the Water Doodler.


If you’re looking for *bigger* gifts, a toy kitchen is a great idea. There’s this retro kitchen on sale which is super cute (and 48% OFF)!

Click on the images below to get your deals!

Black Friday Deals for Kids Christmas Gifts (6-10 years)

If you’re kids are in school already, they will appreciate something that is a bit more advanced. We’ve found a whole list of amazing educational toys, that are also fun for your kids. We’re loving this fresh twist on a classic Rubik’s cube and this awesome tangram set

All of the toys below are on sale right now with some crazy discounts, so click on the images to get the deals.

Click on the images below to get your deals!

Black Friday Deals for Teenager Christmas Gifts (11+ years)

I can’t say I’m an expert for teens, but I found some awesome kits that I think would be amazing for Christmas presents.


Whether your kid is into science and engineering or more into arts and crafts, these deals are worth taking a look at!

Click on the images below to get your deals!

Have fun shopping! Hope you find something you (and your kids) like!

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