Printable Christmas Memory Game

Printable Christmas Memory Game

Download our free printable Christmas Memory Game to play with your kiddos! Make some fun Christmas memories with this classic family game.

This post is part of the YES! Xmas Challenge, where we share one new (and free!) kids activity every single day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th.


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The month of December is perfect for some family bonding, don’t you think? The short winter days mean we’ve got plenty of time when we’re snuggled inside with our kiddos.

Which is great. But also overwhelming when you’re running out of ideas for what to actually do.


This year, we’ve got you covered. With one fresh (and free!) printable activity added to our virtual advent calendar every single day till Christmas, the YES! Xmas challenge is the perfect way to make some happy holiday memories with your kiddos.


To find out more about the YES! Christmas challenge (and access all of this years’ holiday activities) click HERE.

Play Chistmas Memory

Gift Day #1: Printable Christmas Memory Game

Speaking of making Christmas memories, why don’t we start this fun challenge with a family game? A memory game to be exact.


Memory games are so much fun for kids of different ages and for us, the adults, as well. It never hurts to give your brain a little stretch, right? (Especially when you realize a 4-year old is so much better at memory games than you are.)


You all know how to play, so I won’t bore you with the instructions.


Our fun printable Christmas memory game has a total of 24 cards (12 pairs). For younger kids, use fewer pairs to make it a bit easier. And for older kids, use all of them!


There’s even a Christmas pattern added for you to print out on the back of the cards, so you have a real Christmas play set!

How to Download the memory game?

Like all our free printables, the gifts we give away for our YES! Xmas Activity Challenge are available for you to download from our members’ library.


If you’re already a member, perfect, just head over to the members’ library, search for ‘Christmas Memory Game’ and hit download.


If you’re not a member yet, follow the instructions at the end of the article to sign up and get your password.


Happy holidays, friends!

CHristmas Memory Game Template

Download our Xmas Activity Challenge Printable: Christmas Memory Game.

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