How to Make a DIY Artwork Display

DIY Artwork Display - Learn how to make an easy hanging art display. -

A few weeks ago, Ula and I experimented a bit with some new acrylic paint we’d bought and ended up making these abstract prints. They turned out so lovely, I wanted to display them for a while at my house. Putting them up on the fridge wouldn’t do them justice, so I decided to make some kind of DIY artwork display.

Not quite sure of what I was looking for, I scrolled through endless pins and images. And then I came across this. I loved the look of it, and I thought there must be a way to DIY. So we gave it a go.


After some trial and error, we managed to come up with a system that works. You literally need just two things (and a hand saw haha) to make it, and it works and looks great.


This DIY artwork display would be a great way to display kids’ pictures or a calendar or anything else you replace regularly. And this is how you make it.

To make your DIY artwork display you will need:

  • A wooden stick (about 2 inches longer than the width of art you’ll be displaying)
  • Round elastic cord (about 3 times the length of the stick)
  • A hand saw

Let’s make this!

DIY Artwork Display - Learn how to make an easy hanging art display. -

First, make a mortise on each side of the stick using the hand saw. It should be about a ⅛ inch deep. If you want you can sand it just to make it a bit smoother.


Then, string the elastic along the bottom of the stick, so it goes through the mortise on each side. Tie the elastic together on top at the middle. Use three knots and make sure you tighten the elastic when you do this. You want it to be quite tight, so it will hold the artwork in place.


Finally, make a loop for hanging. Cut off any excess elastic.

Your DIY artwork display is done! Choose your artwork and slip it under the elastic. Ready to hang. How gorgeous is that?

DIY Artwork Display - Learn how to make an easy hanging art display. -

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