Magnet Craft Idea: DIY Magnets for Kids

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We’ve got a great and simple magnet craft idea for you today. These DIY magnets are great for kids and adults alike. They’re so easy to make and will look amazing on your fridge or your kiddo’s blackboard.


I don’t know what your fridge looks like, but ours is always covered with all sorts of notes, documents, random photos, and the occasional lottery ticket. And we’ve got plenty of magnets to keep it all in place.

But honestly, by looking at those magnets you could never tell I write a DIY blog and it was time that changed.


I did what I usually do when in search of new craft ideas – I turned to Pinterest. There were some awesome ideas out there, but what really got me intrigued were printable DIY magnets. What? Printable magnets? Is that a thing?


Well, it turns out it is. And it’s the easiest thing to make ever!


How to make printable DIY magnets

To make your printable magnets you really just need four things:

  • printable magnet sheets 
  • an ink-jet printer
  • scissors
  • and a great looking DIY magnet template, of course


You can get printable magnet sheets on Amazon or any bigger stationary store. 


And for the printable template, we’ve got you covered.

Download your DIY magnet template

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Once you’ve printed out the template on a printable magnet sheet, take your scissors and cut out the shapes. You don’t have to be super exact. They look even better if the white border is a bit uneven.


And that’s it! Put these on your fridge, on a blackboard or on your kiddo’s lunch box. A great little back-to-school craft to make with your kiddos or for yourself!

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