Printable Animal School Labels

Printable animal school labels on school supplies

Are you ready for school? Get our free printable animal school labels and mark your kiddo’s books and notebooks with cute animal friends.


I don’t know about you, but when I was little, I used to love that time of the year right before school started. Not that I wanted the summer to end, but there was one thing that got me excited nevertheless.

I loved gathering all my brand new school supplies, wrapping my notebooks and books and labeling them with pretty crisp new labels. So I guess this printable is kind of a sweet memory for me.

Because although I can’t speak from experience, I’m guessing kids nowadays still need notebooks. And perhaps some of them even get excited about nice notebook labels.

So if you’re looking for cute name labels for school supplies, you’ve come to the right place! We made these adorable printable animal school labels with 5 friendly characters. Meet Piglet Pat, Crocodile Gregory, Zebra Zoe, Bunny Bob and John the Monkey!

Printable animal school labels on school supplies

Download your printable animal school labels!

This school labels template is ready for you to print out. So all you have to do is download the template from the member’s library, print it on some sticker paper  and label your little one’s favorite possesions.

Stick them onto your little one’s notebooks, books, pencil cases and other school supplies. They will look adorable just about anywhere.

If you’re an animal lover yourself, use them to mark your own office supplies. Who wouldn’t want Piglet Pat keep them company?

I’ve gotta be honest… it’s been a while since I last labeled my notebooks, but there is something about putting your name on the front page… And these are really just too adorable. I love seeing them on my own office supplies. They just make me smile.

So if you’re just a little bit like me, go download them right now and label away!

Printable animal school labels on school supplies
Printable animal school labels template

Download our free
Animal school labels.

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