DIY Play Food Sandwich Printable

Sandwich on the plate

Encourage dramatic play in your kids. Make this awesome DIY play sandwich using our DIY play food sandwich printable.

One of the activities my now 3-year-old daughter never gets tired of is playing pretend kitchen. 

Although we don’t have a play kitchen set, she still manages to come up with all sorts of ideas of what to use as utensils, or pasta or sprinkles (her favorite ingredient to put on anything).

You can imagine how excited she gets when we go visit friends or go to a playroom where they have actual play food.

So this one is for her. I saw a plastic sandwich play set a while ago and knew she would love making sandwiches for herself and her little brother.

I also knew I could easily make a printable version instead of buying another plastic toy (not a fan of those).

And here it is. Our very own DIY play food sandwich printable.

DIY Play Food Sandwich Printable Template

The printable includes two bread slices and lots of fillings and toppings to make the perfect sandwich for any taste. 

I actually plan on printing out a couple of copies of each page so we can make more sandwiches. 

I can’t wait to see my kiddo whip up some yummy snacks for us! And I see lots of sandwich creations and sandwich towers in our near future.

Sandwich ingredients on the plate

Make your DIY play food sandwich

There isn’t really much instruction to give you for this one. Get the sandwich printable from the members’ library.  Once you’re in the library, search for ‘Play Food Sandwich’.

Print it out on regular office paper and glue it onto some cardboard to make it a bit more durable. (If you want, you can use sticker paper instead.)

Cut out the pieces and get your kitchen utensils out. Time to make your very own yummy sandwich!

Making sandwich - putting tomato on the lettuce
Putting prepared sandwich in the box
DIY Play Food Sandwich Printable

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