DIY Kids Halloween Masks Coloring Template

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Halloween Facial Masks Printable Templates

Looking for easy Halloween masks for kids to color and make themselves? We’ve got templates for five awesome Halloween masks your kids will love!

I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween. Well actually the part that I love the most is coming up with what to go as and – even better – making the costume myself!


And the whole thing is so much more fun with kids! They just love creating their very own masks. And there’s noone better at pretending to be a scary little Dracula or a beautiful unicorn than little kids.


Our DIY Halloween masks templates are perfect for small kids, but I’m sure older kids will enjoy making them too.

Kids Halloween Masks Coloring Templates

How to make your DIY Halloween masks?

These templates are so easy to use you’ll have your DIY mask in no time.


1  Print out your chosen template. You can get it from the members’ library.

2  If using the blank template, color the mask anyway you want. Get creative, use different colors and have fun with it.

3  Cut out the mask. Don’t forget to cut out the holes for the eyes along the dashed circular lines.

4  Using a craft knife (adults only!) or a toothpick make a hole on each side of the mask.

5  Slip an elastic string through the holes and tie on each side. Use the child’s head to assess the length of the string you need. 

How to Make a Kids Halloween Dracula Mask

Voila! Your DIY Halloween mask is ready.

If you want, you could also make these out of felt using the printable as a template. With a little bit of creativity you can have a whole Halloween costume ready in no time!

Finished Kids Halloween Masks

Five Halloween Masks to Choose From

Choose your favorite: a scary Dracula mask, Frankenstein’s monster mask, a beautiful unicorn mask, Jack O’Lantern mask or a black cat mask.


Each of the templates is available in two versions: a blank one for kids to color in themselves and one in color.


Want to see how each of them looks? Here they are!

Dracula Mask Printable

Printable Dracula Mask

If your kiddo wants to turn into a scary little creature for a day, our Dracula mask is perfect. If you want, you can add a simple black cape and make a Dracula costume. Scarrrrrry!

Frankenstein Monster Mask Printable

Printable Frankenstein’s Monster Mask

Another scary creature is this green monster, a classic Halloween character. Make the Frankenstein’s monster mask and find some old clothes you can rip a bit to make the costume complete.

Unicorn Mask Printable

Printable Unicorn Mask

Knowing how much little girls love unicorns, we just had to make a unicorn mask. If your little princess dresses in a colorful dress or a simple rainbow tutu, you’ll have a real life unicorn right before your eyes.

Jack O'Lantern Mask Printable

Printable Jack O’Lantern Mask

What’s Halloween without Jack O’Lantern, right? Make this cute mask for a true Halloween classic!

Black Cat Mask Printable

Printable Black Cat Mask

Whether you consider them to bring good fortune or bad luck, black cats always make an awesome Halloween mask. Have your little one wear all black clothes and add a DIY tail for a unique black cat costume.

So, which one is your favorite? You don’t really have to choose. Make all of them!

Printable Halloween Masks Coloring Templates

Download our DIY Kids Halloween masks coloring template free printable.

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