Doodle Pattern Heart Box Template

Ever wondered how to make a paper gift box? With our doodle pattern heart box template, you can make a cute little gift box with a heart-shaped ‘bow’ on top.


Sometimes you just want to give a little something to a special someone in your life. Even if it’s just a favorite chocolate candy, giving a small token of love or appreciation can be a very meaningful little gift.

The gesture is even more thoughtful when you pack your present in a lovely gift box.

That’s why we made this patterned heart box diagram for you to download and make yourself. 

Our Doodle Pattern Heart Box Template is also the perfect solution when you need to wrap your gift last-minute. Because you literally just print it out on plain cardstock, cut it, assemble it and you’re all set!

We’ve included a plain heart box diagram, too, if you prefer printing it on colored or patterned cardstock.

How to make the paper heart box?

First, you’ll have to download the doodle pattern heart box template from the member’s library. If you’re not a member yet, please follow the instructions at the end of the article to get access.

Once you’ve printed out the template, it’s time to start the assembly. 

I suggest you start by scoring along the dashed lines. Scoring will help with folding later, so you don’t get any cracks in the paper as you fold. Don’t forget to score the flaps.

Then cut both template pieces on the solid lines. When you’ve cut out both pattern pieces, fold them along the scored lines.

Then put some glue on the white square of your template. Attach the other template piece perpendicularly on top. Glue the flaps to form a box.

Close the box and make the heart ‘bow’ by slipping the heart pieces together along the cut lines.

Voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful heart gift box.

Heart Box Patterned and Blank Template

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