Flowerpower Flower Coloring Pages

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Beautiful flowers never go out of style. That’s why we made these awesome flower coloring pages for your kiddo or yourself!


Coloring pages are awesome in so many ways. 


They are a super practical activity to give to your kids when you have to take care of something real quick. I couldn’t possibly count the number of times I’ve given my daughter something to color while I tried to cross a chore off my to-do list.


Turns out, coloring pages also play an important part in a child’s development. From teaching kids precision and focus to improving concentration, promoting creativity to self-expression, this easy activity really should be part of your kids weekly schedule.


What’s even more impressive is that these simple pages can work wonders for adults, as well. If you’ve ever tried coloring in your adult life, you’ll know just how calming and relaxing they can be.

Free flower coloring pages

Flowers are one of those motives that are great for kids and adults alike. So we made a set of four different floral coloring pages. Your kids will love them and I’m sure you do, too!


Our Flowerpower coloring pages include:

  • A set of three vases on a table
  • A flower trio
  • A tulip
  • A bouquet in a vase


You can just color in the illustrations as they are. Or, if you want to tap into your creativity, add some patterns to the table cloth, for example. 

Close-up of 4 Flowerpower Flower Coloring Pages

This is also a great idea for kids because it encourages them to come up with their own patterns, explore different color combinations and learn how they work together.


Whenever I color with my daughter I like to encourage her to make up stories about the things she’s coloring. I would ask her for example who the flowers are for, did she pick them herself and so on. This is great for kids’ imagination and also promotes language skills as they learn new words and expressions.


If you’re looking for a simple activity to do with your little one, this is definitely something to try. And best of all, you can download the Flower Power coloring pages from the members’ library. Just print them out and color away!


P.S.: If you’re looking for some other coloring pages, take a look at our Bicycle Coloring Page or our Snail Coloring Page and Craft.

Flowerpower Flower Coloring Pages

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