Printable DIY First Day of School Sign

First Day of School Sign Free Printable Template

Looking for picture ideas for the first day of school, preschool or kindergarten? Get our printable DIY first day of school sign for your kid’s big day!


It amazes me every year how quickly August turns into fall. And before you know it, you’re picking out first day outfits and thinking where the time has gone. And I don’t mean just the summer.

It feels like only yesterday your little precious baby took their very first steps. And now you’re planning for the first day of school / kindergarten / preschool. Whatever it is, it’s too soon, right?

But still although a part of you feels sad to see your baby growing up so fast, you know it’s a day to celebrate. And a day to remember!

Printable DIY First Day of School Sign

We made this printable DIY first day of school sign to use as a photo prop for your kiddo’s big day. 

It’s designed so that you can fill out your little one’s name and the grade they’re starting (1st, 2nd grade, preschool or kindergarten). 

We’ve also added a little extra box to write in what your child wants to be when they grow up. Imagine how much fun it will be looking at those pictures and seeing what they wished for in a few years. (Or when they grow up and you actually see what they do in life.)

This is a great easy picture idea for your family’s big day.

First Day of School Sign Template

Download the first day of school template

You can download the first day of school photo prop from our members’s library. Once you’re in the library, hit Ctrl/Cmd + F and search for First Day of School Sign.

Download, print out the template, fill in the blanks and you’re ready for the photo shoot.

Now getting your kids to actually wanting to take that perfect picture is a whole other story. If you’ve got a magic trick for that, I am all ears.

Happy first day!

If you’re getting ready for school, we’ve got some awesome printables for you. Take a look at our lunchbox notes printable or download these adorable animal school labels.


First Day of School Sign Free Printable

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  1. for some reason i cant find the first day of school sign?? I hit control/command F… i must be looking in wrong area

    1. Hi Kelly,
      were you looking in the members+ library? It’s under P – for PRINTABLE DIY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL SIGN (the printables are always named after the name of the blog post). Let us know if you still can’t find it.

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