My Super-Simple 3 Step Plan for Getting Organized

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For some people, it comes naturally, for others getting organized is a bit of a project. We are all different and being super organized probably doesn’t even work for every single person on this planet. And that is just fine. I am not writing this to turn you into a hyper-productive superhuman.


Instead, I want to give you a few ideas to help you feel more in control when life gets crazy.


Full disclosure. I am not into over-organizing every single aspect of my life. I don’t fill out every single box in my calendar and right now I can’t tell you where I will be this time next Thursday.


Nevertheless, I consider myself organized. Because being organized is not just about planning every second of your life, or keeping a super tidy house all the time. Those are just means to an end and don’t necessarily mean you are organized.


Psst! We’ve included a cool printable to help you get organized in no time. Read on to find out more.

What is ‘organized’, really?

For me, being organized means being in control of my day-to-day life. This means I get the things on my to-do list done, but it also leaves me with enough time (and energy) to do the things I want to do.


I know getting organized doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do. But just think about everything you could do if you had an extra hour or so every day. You could finally learn to sew for your little one. Or read one of the inspirational books everyone has been talking about. Or whatever it is you have on your wish list. It is well worth it, I promise.


Better yet, it is not even that hard. With a few tweaks to how you go about your day, you will end up feeling so much more in control. Now take my hand and let me take you through my super simple 3 step plan for getting organized!

Step 1: Clear your space, clear your mind

Getting organized starts with organizing your surroundings. You probably know the saying clean house, clear mind. This is true not only for your home but your office as well and pretty much any place, where you spend a lot of your time. When you try to live or work in a cluttered, messy environment, it is extremely difficult to have any sense of clarity in your mind. Think about how unnecessary things around you are weighing you down. Their influence on your creativity and inspiration is detrimental. Time to clear it up!

– Tip 1 –


The first step toward organized spaces is decluttering. This generally means getting rid of everything you have that you don’t use. But if you want to be even more efficient, take one step forward. Get rid of everything that you don’t love. Everything that doesn’t bring some sort of positive vibes into your life. Because why live (or work) surrounded by things that don’t make you happy?

A well known (and quite drastic) method for decluttering is the so-called KonMari method. The author, Marie Kondo, suggest you get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy. We have a post about it here on the blog, so be sure to check it out after this.

– Tip 2 –

Buy only what you need

Not only will you save a lot of money, but you will also keep your space clutter-free longer. Many of us tend to bring so many things into our homes that we don’t actually need. Things that after a few weeks are just there to collect dust. Don’t you think it’s sad to surround yourself with such possessions? What purpose do they serve?

In the future, think ahead. Don’t buy something unless you need it. If it’s easier, try to follow the one in – one out rule. Whenever you want to buy something new, get rid of something you own (and don’t use) first.

Step 2: Take charge of your time

When we think of getting organized, time management is often what comes to mind. That is probably because we are always running out of time, always hurrying from one place to another, going out of our minds along the way.

Taking charge of your time does not have to be as daunting as it sounds. It just takes some planning. But seeing how it can make your life so much easier, it is definitely worth it.

– Tip 3 –

Write everything down

This is probably the single most important thing to do on your getting organized mission. Forgetting things and not planning enough time for different tasks is what gets you feeling so disorganized in the first place.

The easiest way to do this is to keep a planner with you at all times. Write everything down as it comes. Appointments, meetings, but also ideas and inspiration that might arise. This way you can always be prepared for the day before you and at the same time make sure you keep your creativity levels high. This will help you stay motivated and get more (amazing) things done in a day.

– Tip 4 –

Sort tasks by priority

With so many different tasks always on our to-do lists getting things done can get overwhelming. Knowing which task to tackle first is a crucial step to getting organized.

To make it easier, prioritize everything. When you plan your day, always decide on one single thing that you absolutely must do. Think of it as your #1 priority and do everything you can to get it done.

When that is out of the way focus on the other tasks on your list. This will be much easier when you know you’ve done the #1 task already.

Step 3: Build better routines

The people we usually consider organized are the ones who use their time very efficiently and have a  goal-driven personality. They don’t waste (too much) time doing what they don’t find important, so they can spend more quality time doing what they love. Don’t we all want that?

What separates them from the disorganized people is the fact that they have a good daily routine.  These give them a good, stress-free foundation on which they build their daily tasks and to-do lists.

– Tip 5 –

Make time for what you find important

Write down the activities that you find important and that somehow improve your life. This can be anything from learning to knit, reading or hosting a weekly dinner party for your friends. Then plan exactly how you are going to make them a part of your routine.

When you think of these activities as part of your routine, it is much easier to actually make them happen. For example, if you know every night from eight to nine is your craft time, you will make the extra effort to get everything else done beforehand or schedule it for after you are done.

This will take the stress out of trying to squeeze them in your crazy daily schedule. Think of them as the foundation and build your other daily tasks around them.

– Tip 6 –

Make tweaks to your daily habits

Sometimes some small tweaks to how you go through the day are all it takes to succeed in getting organized. The trick is to recognize which of your habits are taking more of your time than they should. Then replace them with more efficient timesaving habits.

There are probably many areas where you could save a few minutes of your day. Let me give you just a few ideas to start with:

–   Lay out all of your clothes for work the night before
Getting ready in the morning can be super hectic, so to save some precious minutes before work, lay out your outfit the night before. This way you won’t have to stress out about what to wear in the morning.

–   Put everything back to its place after using
This can save so much time when you are tidying up. When you are done using something, put it right back to its place. It will also keep your space clutter-free.

–   Plan your meals before going to the supermarket
Sometimes shopping for groceries takes so much time, just because we don’t have a plan of what we will be cooking in the week ahead. Take a few minutes to write down your meal plan and your shopping list before hitting the store.

–   Have a dedicated place for your keys and wallet
How many times have you been running late just because you couldn’t find your keys or wallet? Avoid this by putting them to the exact same spot every time you come home

Getting organized is not about being perfect. It is about figuring out how to get the most of your time. I am not saying these tips are magic. But they are what I found works for me.


If you’re struggling to find the time to try out our DIY tutorials or learn a new craft… maybe try my tips for a few days and see how it goes. Who knows? Perhaps you will soon be able to do what you have always wanted but felt like you never had the time for…


Are there any tips on getting organized you can share? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments!


And if this post has motivated you to do some decluttering don’t forget to check out the 5 decluttering tips you should take from Marie Kondo.

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