Learn numbers to 10 Kids Counting Game

4 printables of the counting game to learn numbers

Download our fun counting game to help learn numbers for toddlers and preschoolers. A cute counting activity to help kids learn about numbers.

Kids learn numbers at different ages and that’s completely fine. Some can count to 10 or even more when they’re toddlers and others start a bit later.

Either way, the activity we are sharing today is a perfect tool to help your kids learn about numbers.

Learn Numbers with the Apple Counting Game

Our apple counting game is a cute learning activity that can be ready to use in seconds. Just print it out and you are ready to play! You can choose from a full-color version and a grayscale version, which your kids can color themselves.

The Apple counting activity printable consists of two pieces. The first is the playing board. You’ll just have to print this one out (and, if you’re using the grayscale version, color it).

The second piece is the apples and numbers sheet. Again, if you’re using the grayscale version, first color the apples and the numbers. Then, cut out the circles. You’ll have 10 apple circles and 10 number circles.

Color your counting game

How to Play

You can play this game two ways. First, you can start by placing a number on the sign under the apple tree and ask your child to place the matching number of apples on the tree.

Then, you can reverse this process. Place a chosen number of apples on the tree and have your kiddo count them. Then, encourage them to find the right number circle to place on the sign.

How to play the counting game

Learn Numbers with Toddlers

When playing with toddlers, start with smaller numbers and introduce them to the concept of counting. You’ve probably been doing this naturally without even knowing when you were counting cars together or counting how many flowers you drew… 

Even though they can’t read, place the number circle on your playboard. Little by little they will start recognizing the numbers and connecting the concept of a number to its written sign.

How to play the counting game

Learn Numbers with Preschoolers

If your kids are a bit older, you can start by showing them the number circles and explaining that each number means a certain amount of apples. 

If they don’t recognize the written numbers, that’s completely fine. They’ll still benefit from seeing the numbers written down and will slowly become more familiar with them. 

When your child is comfortable with the counting, you can try introducing easy additions to the game. Place a chosen number of apples on the tree and count them. Then ask What if I add two apples on the tree? How many apples are there on the tree now? This way your child will learn to add through play, which is what we’re after here, right?

Think of Other Ways to Play the Counting Game

I’m sure there are many other ways you can play with it. Encourage your kids to make up new ways to play with the apples. Maybe have them divide them so that everyone has the same number of apples.

Or, print out an extra grayscale playboard and have them draw their own fruit on the tree. I can’t wait to hear what your little ones come up with! 

Before you know it your kiddos will be counting to 10 in their sleep. Happy learning!

4 printables of the counting game to learn numbers

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