Pin The Tail On The Donkey Printable Game

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Printables

Looking for party activities for your next kids’ party? Download our printable pin the tail on the donkey game. It’s a party classic your kiddo’s friends will love!


The first rule of hosting a kids’ party is be prepared. Snacks, drinks, decor and cake – I’m sure you’ve got this covered.

But another thing to look out for is to have some activities ready to get the kids going, when they’re not exactly in the party mood.

Because kids can be funny this way. Sometimes they walk through the door to a party and start playing instantly. Other times… not so much.

I’ve been to my share of kids’ parties where it felt like they’d never played before in their lives.

And I get it. Us grownups aren’t always in the best mood either.

Luckily with kids it’s not that hard to get them going. Usually one or two super fun activities are all it takes to get the party started.

We’ve got an easy party game idea for you today.

Play the Pin the tail on the donkey game!

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic party game and it’s so much fun for kids of all ages. We made this cute donkey poster along with tails for you to print out and use at your next big event.

Our printable consists of two pages. One is the tailless donkey that you’ll hang on the wall or on the tree in your backyard. And the other one are the tails that you’ll be pinning on the donkey.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Printable Game

Game Rules

I’m sure most of you know exactly how to play this classic party game. But just to make sure here are the (simple) rules.

Tape the donkey onto a wall, on a tree trunk or anywhere else within easy reach of the children playing. 

Give each child a tail with a push pin poked through the top of the tail. (If you’re worried about kids hurting themselves, use double-sided tape instead).

Then, one at a time, blindfold each player and spin them around. Let all the other kids help with the spinning! Now the blindfolded player must try to pin the tail on the donkey. After all the spinning they should be pretty disoriented, so watching them try to pin the tail is usually very funny for the other kids.

The child who pinned the tail closest to the donkey’s rear is the winner.

Get our the pin the tail on the donkey printable poster

This cute party printable is ready for you to download from the members’ library

Once you’re in the library, search for Pin the tail on the donkey. Download, print out, cut out the tails and you’re ready to play.

Have fun at your next party!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Printable Game

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