Paper Doll Winter Clothes Printable Template

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Paper Dolls with Winter Clothes

Get our paper doll winter clothes and give your YES! paper dolls a winter makeover. The free winter clothes template is available to download from our library.

This post is part of the YES! Xmas Challenge, where we share one new (and free!) kids activity every single day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th.


To access all of the free activities featured in the challenge, click HERE.

It’s day 3 of our YES! Christmas Activity Challenge and today we’re making a DIY toy! Actually, we’re upgrading a toy you might already have if you’ve been around here a while. But even if you don’t, worry not, you can get everything you need right here!

Dress Up Paper Doll Template

A while ago we shared this lovely Dress-up Paper Doll and judging by how many times you guys have downloaded it, it seems like you love it as much as we do!


So for the Xmas Challenge, we thought we’d give you an upgrade. Not so much an upgrade as a winter makeover.

Paper Doll WInter CLothes template

Paper Doll Winter Clothes

We made a whole winter collection so your kiddo’s paper girl and paper boy don’t catch a cold. We’ve got sweaters, winter hats, gloves and everything else they might need for the cold winter weather.


I’m sure your little one will love playing with these. And they are really a great toy. 


Pretend play like this encourages imagination, as your kids come up with stories and ideas. And I don’t know if you know this, but this whole concept was kind of the idea that Barbie doll was based on. So if you like old school toys, this is the way to go!


You probably don’t need instructions on how to make these, but just in case we laid out some directions in our original Dress-up Paper Doll post

How to Download the Paper Doll Winter Clothes

You can download the paper doll winter clothes from the members’ library. If you don’t have the password yet, you can sign up at the end of this article. Once in the library, search for ‘paper doll winter clothes’ and download.


Of course, if you haven’t made the original paper dolls, you’ll have to download those templates, too. But lucky for you, they are also available from our members’ library. So once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to get both templates (and many many more!!). For the original dolls, search for ‘printable dress up paper doll’.


Print the templates out, glue them onto some cardboard, cut them out and you’re good to go!


Have fun playing! Happy holidays!

WInter clothes template

Download our Xmas Challenge printable: Paper Doll Winter Clothes.

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