Printable Dress up Paper Doll Template

Printable dress up paper dolls in use

Ever wondered how to make a paper doll? With our printable dress up paper doll template, it is so easy! Get your free download and make your kids an awesome DIY paper toy!

A few months ago my 3-year old daughter and I were flipping through the pages of her kids’ magazine. There was this paper doll template to cut out with clothes that went with it. 

We got right to it and she loved everything about it. Cutting the doll out (with some help, of course) arranging it all on the coffee table and then picking out what outfit to put on her.

This DIY toy was super popular in our house for a few weeks. After a while, naturally, it started showing signs of use. The paper tore, some pieces got lost.

I’d been thinking about making a brand new set for her for a while. And it’s such a classic toy we knew we had to have it in the YES! Members’ library

Today we’re finally sharing it here!

Printable Dress Up Paper Dolls 7 Templates

DIY Boy and Girl Paper Doll Template

Our dress up paper doll consists of two paper doll outlines – a girl and a boy. Because boys like playing with these, too, I promise. And also – girls don’t mind picking out clothes for boys.

Each of the two characters has a whole set of different clothes they can wear. You’ve got your tops and bottom, dresses and PJs. Your kiddo can mix and match. Put boys’ clothes on the girl. And put dresses on the boy – apparently, that is hilarious, if you are three.

Naturally, we’ve put a YES! spin on it. We added some super cool paper doll accessories. You can choose from hats, sunglasses, different shoes. And there’s even a roller skate so the dolls can go skating, and a picnic basket – because, why not?

We’ve had so much fun creating these, and I’ll tell you, my little girl loves it!! I’m sure your kiddo will, too!

How to make a paper doll using our printable dress up paper dolls template

How to make your paper dolls?

As always here at YES!, these paper dolls are super easy to make. Just to make it super clear we’ve layed out easy-to-follow instructions below.

1  Download the printable dress up paper doll template from the members’ library.

2  As you’ll see, there are two versions in the file: our dress up paper dolls to color (a black and white line drawing) and dolls that are already in full color.
Choose which you want to use and print it out. If you’re using the black and white, have your little one color it in.

If you’re feeling super creative, you can even print these out onto some printable magnet sheet (like we did with our Printable Fridge Magnets for Kids). You’ll get an awesome magnet dress up doll set!

3  We recommend gluing the templates onto some cardboard (before cutting). We used some pretty thin cardboard boxes. Make sure you get something you’ll be able to cut later.

You can skip this step, but the toy won’t be as durable as the paper will probably tear pretty quickly.

4  Cut out all of the clothes, accessories, etc. You can either cut the doll out or leave it on the sheet (like we did with the boy doll in the pictures). 

This makes it more durable, but I’ll be honest – my daughter preferred the cut-out doll. We later cut out the boy doll, as well.

  And you’ve got your paper dress up doll kit!

Printable dress up paper dolls cut out and ready for playing

One of our Favorites

I’ve gotta admit. We were super impressed when we got everything cut up and in a nice box. It looks like a toy you bought somewhere, but so much better. (I might be biased.)

My daughter loves playing with it. She actually uses it with the printable DIY sandwich we made. She feeds the dolls the giant sandwich, which is pretty funny to watch. 

Despite constant use, it’s held up pretty well so far. And in case it ever starts to tear, we’ll just make her a new one. That’s the beauty of printables!

Printable dress up paper dolls cut out and ready for playing

What do you think? Is this something your kids would want to make and play with? If you decide to make it, we’d love to hear about it!

Now go to the members’ library and get your downloads! Even if you’re not planning to make it now, you’ll be happy to have it on a rainy afternoon.

Happy making!

Printable dress up paper dolls in use
Printable dress up paper dolls in use
Printable Dress Up Paper Dolls 7 Templates

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