Pineapple String Wall Art

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DIY Pineapple String Wall Art - Cute wall art idea. -

String wall art is something we used to make as kids, so this project kind of brings back memories. Back then we would hammer nails in a circular shape into a small piece of wood and then tie a piece of yarn around the nails to form a pattern. I tried making something similar but in the shape of a pineapple. Because who wouldn’t want a pineapple string wall art, am I right?

I think it turned out super cute. I am hanging this in my kitchen, but it would also look great in a kids’ room or as wall decor for a tropically themed party. Anywhere really. That’s what’s so great about a pineapple string wall art. It is so adorable it goes everywhere. So let’s get right to it.

DIY Pineapple String Wall Art - Cute wall art idea. -

To make your pineapple string wall art you will need:

    • Embroidery cotton thread in chosen colors (I used orange and blue)
    • A sewing needle
    • A picture frame 
    • A patterned piece of cardboard for the background (same size as the picture frame opening)
    • A one-colored piece of cardboard (the sides should be about an inch smaller than the patterned cardboard)
    • Transparent tape

Let’s make this!

DIY Pineapple String Wall Art - Cute wall art idea. -

1   Draw a pineapple shape on the back side of your smaller cardboard. I drew a line in the middle of the cardboard and then aligned an ellipse centrally to the line. I drew a slightly inclined line on top and mirrored it over the central line. (I used a black marker so you can see it well in the pictures, but I suggest you use a pencil, so it doesn’t show through.)

2  Draw small dots along your pineapple shape. The number of dots will depend on how big your wall art is.

3   Using a sewing needle make holes through the paper where you marked the dots.

4   Slip a piece of embroidery thread through a hole. Secure it with a piece of transparent tape.

5   Using the orange embroidery thread connect the dots to form the pineapple shape. Make sure you connect all of the dots on the perimeter of the ellipse.

6   Repeat the same with the leaves of the pineapple. This time make sure you only connect the dots in a zig-zag pattern (not connecting the dots along the same line). This gives the leaves a more spikey look.

7   Put the pineapple piece and the background cardboard into the picture frame and you are done.

DIY Pineapple String Wall Art - Cute wall art idea. -

Time to find a place to hang your new pineapple string wall art. Do you have a place in mind yet?


Also, this technique is applicable to any chosen motive, so feel free to do a string animal wall art or a string flower wall art, whatever you like. Just don’t forget to let us know how it goes. We would love to see your work!

DIY Pineapple String Wall Art - Cute wall art idea. -

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