DIY Yarn Necklace

DIY Yarn Necklace - Simple tutorial for an impressive accessory. -

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I love DIY jewelry. Especially the kind that is easy to make and looks awesome. And I love it even more when people ask me ‘Where did you get this?’ And then look at me in awe when I tell them I made it myself. I’m not saying I do it for the praise, but it’s nice when people like what you’re doing.

This DIY yarn necklace definitely ticks all the boxes. It is suuuper easy to make (seriously, you won’t believe it!) and it looks so impressive. It doesn’t look handmade at all. And I can guarantee (ok, not really, but I am fairly sure of it) you will get plenty of Where did you get this? when you wear yours.

This is how to make it.


DIY Yarn Necklace - Simple tutorial for an impressive accessory. -

To make your DIY yarn necklace you will need:

Let’s make this!

DIY Yarn Necklace - Simple tutorial for an impressive accessory. -

1 Form a ‘bow’ shape out of your rope, so the two ends meet in the middle.

2 Take your white thread and secure the shape by sewing both ends and the middle of the rope together.

3 Start wrapping the embroidery thread around the rope. I started in the middle and worked my way to both ends. Tie a tight knot and wrap the thread as long as you like. Tie a knot to secure at the end.

4 Continue wrapping towards both ends of the bow rope, until you have about XX inch (XX cm) loop left.

5 Now attach the chain. Slip the chain through both loops as shown in the image.

6 Connect the ends of the chain with a jump ring.

Ta-daaaah! Your DIY yarn necklace is done! Excited to wear it?

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