(New Year) Wish List Printable

Printable Xmas wish list for kids

What are your secret wishes? It’s OK to dream a little and even better to write it all down! Download our wish list printable and make your wishes come true.

This post is part of the YES! Xmas Challenge, where we share one new (and free!) kids activity every single day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th.

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During the holidays probably all of us contemplate a bit about the year that’s passed. And at the same time dream a little about the year that’s ahead.

I personally think that’s great. I’ve read numerous times that specifying your goals or wishes makes it much more likely for them to come true. 

And so I thought why not give teach this kind of positive mindset to the littles, as well. It shows them that you have to have dreams and wishes in order to move forward. And perhaps even more importantly, that you have to put in some work to get what you want.

For Day 7 of the YES! Christmas Activity Challenge we made a wish list printable, that you can use to set some (mini) goals with your kiddos.

Kids Christmas wish list template

How to use the wish list printable

As you can see, this is a really simple template that doesn’t tell the kids how exactly to use it. They can write or draw in it. They can use up all of the fields, or not. It doesn’t really matter.

What matters more is explaining to them what you are doing and why. Tell them to write (or draw) whatever they wish for in the New Year.

Remember, this is not meant to be a letter to Santa (we have a printable for that here). So the point is not to write down what they want to GET, instead encourage them to think about what they want to see, where they want to go.

It might surprise you what the kids actually come up with. Because although they might not see the world the way we do, they still have dreams and hopes. And I think it’s good to teach them just how important that is early on in life.

What you get can be some kind of a bucket list for the whole family. I’m not saying you should go to the Moon if that’s on the list, but going to the movies or baking a cake together (or whatever your kiddo comes up with) is something the whole family will benefit from.

How to download the wish list printable

All of our printables, including everything we share in the YES! Christmas Activity Challenge, are available to download from the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at the end of the post.

Once you’re in the library, all you have to do is download the template and print it out. And you’re all set to start writing your wishes.

If you’re up to it, make your own wish list, too. And put it up on the fridge, so it reminds you what you’re going after. After all, you’ve gotta dream a little. Even when you’re all grown up!

Christmas wish list printable template

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