1-10 Printable Numbers Coloring Pages

10 printables coloring pages to learn numbers to 10

Our 1-10 numbers for coloring are great for preschoolers to learn about numbers and counting. Download the free printable numbers coloring pages and get counting!

We love numbers! And so do kids!

To most parents teaching their kids about numbers comes naturally, without much thought. You count cars that go by on the road or petals on a daisy you’ve picked in the park. And that’s great! Learning through exploring is what we all want for our kids.

Another great way to learn about numbers is through play. We’ve got a lovely Apple counting game here on the blog that I think your kids will love.

But as you can see, today is all about coloring. And numbers, of course.

The example how to color the numbers coloring pages printables

Numbers coloring pages 1-10

We created these adorable numbers for coloring, which your preschooler will love. There are 10 pages in our numbers coloring set. One page for each of the numbers from one to ten.

There’s one number with its written name on each page. To help visualize the concept of the number, we’ve added cute illustrations to each.

This way your little one will get to know the written sign for each number and connect it to the concept of how many that is. As they color the page, help them count one bird, two cacti, three whales and so on.

Download our numbers for coloring

You can download our printable numbers coloring pages from the members’ library.

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You’ll find all numbers 1-10 in the same printable file, so all you have to do is download and print and you’re ready to start counting!

1-10 printable numbers coloring pages - 10 printable PDFs

Download our free 1-10 Printable Numbers Coloring Page printable.

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