DIY Play Food Labels Template

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Pretend play food labels

Make your own DIY play food to use in the play kitchen! Your kiddo will love playing with pretend food containers with our colorful play food labels.

As I’ve told you probably a hundred times before, I love watching my little one pretend play. Whether it’s playing hairdresser with her 1-year-old brother (he doesn’t love it as much as I do) or taking her teddy bear to the doctor’s office, I just love seeing what her little brain comes up with.

An all-time favorite at our house is definitely pretend cooking and preping food. And serving it to anyone interested.


We’ve already shared a DIY Sandwich Printable on the blog and today we’re adding another awesome printable to the play food collection.

DIY Play food labels

DIY Play Food Labels

Instead of buying plastic play food in the store, make your own play containers for your little one’s kitchen.


Use our adorable DIY play food labels to make a whole range of different ingredients your child can use to cook up some yummy pretend dishes.

Printable play food labels

How to make DIY Play Food

For our DIY containers, we used uncolored wooden blocks and cylinders as bases. We used some wood scraps my husband had lying around the garage. He was kind enough to sand them for us so they are nice and smooth and without any sharp edges. 


If you don’t have a scrap-saving husband for this, you could order some unfinished wooden blocks from Etsy. This store has a selection of different shapes and sizes.

However, these labels would also work great on recycled paper boxes and toilet rolls. Collect different sizes, color them with some acrylic paint (make sure you chose some wonderful colors) and you’ll have adorable bases for the labels.


All you have to do now is apply the labels onto the blocks or boxes. You could either print the labels onto sticker paper, cut out and apply. Or print on regular paper and use wood or paper glue to attach.


You’re all done! Now it’s time to get cooking.




If you want some adorable kitchen labels of your own, go see our popular editable spice jar labels in the parents’ corner. You’re going to love them!

Dramatic play food
Pretend kitchen food toys
Play Food Labels Printable

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