Printable Bunny Ears Headband

DIY Easter bunny ears headband craft

Download our printable bunny ears headband and make your own fun bunny ears. A fun kids’ activity for Easter or any other day.

Back in December, we posted this Reindeer Antlers Headband and it was such a big hit with you guys we just knew we had to make another version of it one day.

Bunny Ears for Easter or Just Because

Well, with Easter just around the corner, we thought bunny ears would be perfect! They’ll make your little ones jumping with joy, I tell you. And even if it’s not Easter time when you’re reading this, there’s really never a bad day to make bunny ears.

My daughter loves making things like this. In fact, she usually goes to bed with it just to keep it safe at all times. It’s one of those toys that just never gets old (until it gets torn apart, but hey, you can always make another one).

Easy Easter bunny paper craft

How to make your Bunny Ears Headband

As you can imagine, these bunny ears are super simple to make. 

To make your bunny headband you’ll need:

  • our free template (instructions to download are at the end of the article), printed out on cardstock
  • Crayons or paint
  • A stapler or glue

First things first. Cut out the bunny ear pieces. Make sure you supervise your kids when they do this or help them out if their scissors skills are still work in progress.

Then, it’s time to color the ears. Make them grey, make them purple, make them blue, whatever you want. It’s your bunny, so go wild!

Now assemble the headband. Make the front of the headband first. Attach the ears as shown in the picture. If the ears are a bit flimsy, you can add a wooden craft stick on the back to make it sturdier.

Then, attach the backside of the band. When you do this try fitting the headband around your kiddo’s head so it fits.

And that’s it. You’ve made your bunny ears!

How to Download the Bunny Ears Template

As always, you can download the template from the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at the end of this article. 

In the library, search for ‘Printable Bunny Ears Headband’. Hit download and you’re all set.

Now go jump, jump, jump like a bunny! Have fun!

Easter bunny headband printable

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