Paper Christmas Village Template

Make a beautiful paper Christmas village and put it on your mantle, tape it on your windows or place it underneath your tree. A free template is included.

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There is something about Christmas that makes the little towns around here really come to life. Visiting these little towns (and bigger cities) to see their Christmas decorations and stroll around their Christmas markets is such a big part of the holiday season for me.

I just came back from Salzburg, a little Austrian town, which is a must-see if you’re around here this time of the year. And the little streets and townhouses inspired me to make the project I am sharing for Day 16 of the YES! Christmas Challenge.

Paper Christmas Village Template

I made a template for a cute little Christmas village (or town). You can use this template in many different ways to make your own holiday decorations.

Idea #1: Make a Standing Paper Christmas Village

You can cut it out and fold it along the lines where two houses meet. When you do this, make sure you fold it forward first and then backward on the next fold and so on. This way you’ll get kind of a zig-zag paper, which will stand up if you place it on a flat surface.

You can print out more copies and make a long line of houses to place underneath the tree or on your mantel.

If you cut out the windows and add a few led lights behind the houses, you’ll get a lovely little decoration piece. I suggest you cut the windows using a craft knife, a metal ruler and a cutting mat. So if you’re making this with kids, let them cut out the houses and you help with the windows.

Idea #2: Make a Christmas Village Window Decoration

Another great option is to make a window decoration. This is something we used to do back when I was in primary school. All of our school windows would be decorated with little Christmas houses.

To make the window decoration, you just have to cut out the houses – and if you’ve got the patience, the windows as well. (Again, I recommend using a craft knife, a metal ruler and a cutting mat for the windows.) Then tape them onto the bottom of your windows so they run from one side of the window to the other.

Idea #3: Christmas Village Coloring Page

This last one is the easiest project. Just print out the template and give it to the kids as a coloring page. They will love decorating their little magical village.

If you want, you can later turn their colorful village into a standing paper Christmas Village or a window decoration by following the steps described above.

How to Download the Christmas Village Template

As always, this template is available for you to download from the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, sign up at the end of the post.

Once you’re in the library, search for ‘paper Christmas village template’. Hit download and print! So easy.

I hope you enjoy your little Christmas village. If you’re looking for more fun Christmas decorations, take a look at our 3 Adorable Christmas Ornaments Templates, our Printable Chrismas Cake Decoration or our Christmas Ornaments to Color.

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Happy holidays!

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Paper Christmas Village Template

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