Preschool Line Tracing Worksheets: The Weather

Preschool line tracing worksheets - the weather

Get our preschool line tracing worksheets to practice fine motor skills and learn about the weather all at the same time! A great pre-writing activity to introduce your kids to handwriting.

When I went to primary school we had these special notebooks to practice our handwriting. It had all kinds of line tracing exercises and activities inside. And I remember it as if I had it in my hands just yesterday. That’s how much I loved practicing tracing different patterns, objects, and later on letters.

Benefits of line tracing and pre-writing activities

There is something super fun about tracing activities. It’s rewarding for the kids to see an image come together or a pattern emerge as they draw along the dotted lines.


Of course, as a parent, you want activities you do with your kids to be not only fun but educational as well. 


Well, I probably don’t need to tell you that line tracing is an amazing pre-writing activity for your little one!


Pre-writing activities help develop your child’s control of the small muscles in their hands. It helps them learn the correct way to hold a pencil and how to use a firm grip. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination. All of this is essential for learning to handwrite later on.

Weather line tracing worksheets

There are different types of pre-writing activities and what you choose for your little one depends on their age and their individual development. Remember, every child is different and there’s no need to rush things.


An easy activity, perfect for young kids is coloring, so take a look at some of our coloring pages (our bicycle coloring page here or our flower coloring pages here). 


But today it’s all about line tracing!

Line tracing worksheets for preschoolers

Printable weather line tracing worksheets

Our printable weather line tracing worksheets are perfect for kids around the age of three. At this age, they’ve probably learned how to draw straight lines, which means they’ll be ready to trace a bit more complicated shapes.


Our printable pre-writing activity includes five different worksheets. Each of them depicts different weather with a different type of line for the child to trace.


You’ve got zig-zag lines, wavy lines, circles and so on.


It’s a lot of fun for kids to trace along the lines and explain what they see in the pictures. (The lightning seems to be a kids’ favorite!)

Download our pre-writing activity

As always, you can download the line tracing worksheet from the members library. It’s super easy to do, so you’ll have your activity downloaded and printed in no time.


Have fun learning about the weather and practicing handwriting all at the same time!

Pre-writing weather activity

Download our free Preschool line tracing worksheets: the weather printable.

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