Free Printable Birthday Invitations: Ladybug

Ladybug invitation for birthday party

Download our free printable birthday invitations for your kiddo’s birthday party! These ladybug invites are perfect for a cute children’s party, whatever the theme.

I’m sure you would agree that those first birthday parties you plan for your kids are extra special. It’s just amazing to see your little baby grow into a whole real person year after year. So a lovely little birthday party is a must to celebrate the milestone!

As you know, every amazing party starts with an awesome party invitation. That’s why we made this cute children’s party invite for you to download and make with (or for) your little one.

Free printable birthday invitations

I know thematic kids’ birthday parties are all the rage right now. If our ladybug invite somehow fits into your theme, that’s great!

But honestly, you don’t HAVE to plan a thematic party. That’s why we wanted to make something that would fit even your simple (non-thematic) birthday party.

That is where the idea of a ladybug came in. What kid doesn’t love a cute little ladybug? It’s a classic kids’ motive, so no matter what kind of party you’re planning, this would be a great fit.

Ladybug bday invites

How to make your ladybug invites

Before you start, you’ll have to download the printable birthday invitations from the members’ library. We recommend you print it on a heavier paper, so your invites are a bit sturdier. Alternatively, you can print it out on regular paper and glue it onto some (red and black) cardstock.

Then, cut out the three pieces: the black ladybug and its two wings. Using scissors or a craft knife, make a tiny hole through the marked + on each of the three pieces.

Assemble the ladybug. Place the wings on top of the ladybug and secure all three pieces with a brad paper fastener.

Now all you’ve got left to do is write the invites!

Birthday invitations for kids' party

How cute is this? I’m sure your kids and all of their friends (and their Moms) will just love it!

By the way, if you’re planning a party, don’t forget to check out our party printables. We’ve got printable party games (like this Pin the Tail on the Donkey Printable Game), party decor projects and gift wrapping ideas (like these Free Printable Gift Tags).

Download our Free Printable Birthday Invitations: Ladybug.

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