Grocery Store Pretend Play Printables

How to play pretend supermarket

Let’s pretend we’re at the supermarket! Download our grocery store pretend play printables and set up a DIY play supermarket with your kids.

Yaaay! We’ve got another pretend play printable for you today. After so many of you have downloaded our DIY Play Food Set, we thought we’d give you an upgrade.


We made a whole set of grocery store pretend play printables, so you and your little one can set up a whole play supermarket right at your house.

You can use it alone, or combined with the DIY Play Food Set and the DIY Play Food Sandwich Printable for extra fun.

How to make the pretend play grocery store

How to Make the Pretend Play Grocery Store

As always with our freeebies, the pretend play supermarket set is available for you to download from the members’ library.


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Once you’ve downloaded it, print it out. You can use regular office paper or cardstock for more durability. Laminating it (after it’s been colored) would also work well.


Color the sheets. We intentionally left this whole set in black and white, so your kiddo can help to color it. They love being included and feeling they’re part of the process.


And now all that’s left to do is play!

Pretend play supermarket printables

How to Play Pretend Supermarket

Dramatic play comes so naturally to the littles, so I’m sure they won’t need any instructions.


But just to give you some ideas, this is how you can set this whole thing up.


Find anything that you already have around the house that you would normally find in a grocery store. If you have play food, great (you can always make it yourself). If not, use empty (and clean) food containers and boxes. 


Set up different sections and use the section labels to mark them.


Use the price tags and put a price to every one of your items. Have your little one help with making up the prices and, if they are old enough, write the prices on the tags.


You can even make a sale section! Select the items that will be on sale and write it onto the sale sign.


Now that you’ve set up the supermarket, it’s time to play. Use the shopping lists to make sure you get everything you need. And now, let’s shop!

Grocery store dramatic play printables

Sneak Learning into Play

What’s great about these grocery store pretend play printables is the fact that you can easily sneak some learning into the activity.


Here are a few ideas.

  • Practice counting as your kiddo puts items into the shopping bag. 
  • As you stock the pretend play shelves, sort the containers – by size, by color etc.
  • Setting up the sales board is a great opportunity to practice writing if your kid is at that age already.

Pretend play in general is great because it teaches children how to behave in common day-to-day situations. They pick up pieces of how supermarkets work as they observe you at the store in real life. So setting up a pretend play store at home is a great way to reinforce this knowledge. 


Hope you have fun with these!


And if there are any other pretend play sets you’d like to see, let us know! Write it in the comments below or drop us a line anytime, we’d love to hear about it!

Printables for dramatic play supermarket

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