20+ Indoor Toddler Activities That Will Save Your Sanity

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50+ free printables you and your kids will love

Looking for indoor activities to do with a toddler at home? We’ve got a whole list of awesome easy, low prep indoor activities for toddlers you and your kids will love!

I’ve gotta admit. Coming up with activities to do with a toddler can be hard. 


On the one hand, it’s such a fun age as they learn to talk and come up with all sorts of silly ideas. But at the same time, they are still so young that it can be hard to keep them engaged for more than 5 minutes.


As the weather gets colder it can get especially difficult because going outside is not an option.


But don’t worry. If you’re stuck inside wondering what to do with your toddler, we’re here to help.


Read on to get ideas for all sorts of different indoor toddler activities, from low prep (or no prep) printables, sensory activities, toddler crafts, and other awesome ideas.


Let’s dive in!

Printable Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Of course, we’re starting off with printable activities. They are our specialty, after all.

What’s great about these is you don’t need any special supplies. Most of our printables just require – well, a printer, obviously, and things you already have at home. Things like crayons, glue, and scissors.


We are only listing our printables here because we can guarantee you can always get all of them for free. Just go to the members’ library to download. (If you’re not a member yet, the sign-up form is at the end of this article.)


Play the color wheel game or just match the objects of the same color. Easy learning activity.


Build your own sandwich and play restaurant. Your kiddo will love building a yummy snack for you.


If you haven’t introduced numbers to your little one, this is a great fun way to start.


This is a classic party game, but it’s turned out to be a fun activity in our house even with my youngest.


Great prewriting activity for kids that have learned to hold a pencil, but don’t have the right grip and/or control yet.


Coloring pages are always a great idea, especially if you throw in a learning element. Try to choose simple designs without much detail, like our Solar System coloring page.

Sensory Indoor Toddler Activities

Sensory activities are some of my favorites to do with toddlers. They love to play with different materials, explore how they feel against their skin and try out what they can do with them.


Here’s a list of easy sensory activities you can do with your toddler indoors. They don’t require a lot of prep work and are easy to clean up after.

Photo by Strength and Sunshine


Your little one will have as much fun helping you make this as he will playing with it.

Photo by The Savvy Sparrow


A sensory activity and craft all in one. You won’t be worried about eating the paint with this one.

Photo by Moms Collab


Snow inside!!! Your toddler will love this.

Photo by Simple Everyday Mom


Fill a bin with shaving cream, add pool noodles (or any other fun object) and let your little one explore!

Photo by Simple Everyday Mom


So what if it’s cold outside? You can still go to the beach indoors!

Photo by Nurturing Family and Self


Explore colors, sounds, and shapes with these cute sensory bottles.

Toddler Crafts You Can Make Indoors

I love creating with my kids (can you tell?). But one of the hardest things is coming up with crafts that are easy enough for toddlers to make.


The list below includes some of my favorites. I’ve also included a couple of our printables here, as they are very easy to set up and turn out really really cute.


Use our free printable to make this cute and easy friendly snail.

Snail Coloring Page and Craft by YES!


A super easy and cute craft your toddler can make pretty much on their own.

Photo by Mom Brite


You know those leaves you pick on your fall walks? Now’s the time to make something of them!

Photo by Take Them Outside


Masks are fun all year round, not just for Halloween. Make a unicorn or a black cat mask and have fun playing with it!


Bring the rainbow inside with this fun comb painting craft.

Photo by No Time for Flashcards


Practice fine motor skills and make something pretty at the same time!

Photo by Artful Parent


Make colorful (and simple) birdhouses to cheer up your backyard.

Photo by Happiness is Homemade


Use wooden blocks (big or small) and let your little one explore the art of printing.

Photo by Small Hands Big Art via Artbar


Gather things from around the house and make fun collage art.

Photo by Artbar

Learning Indoor Toddler Activities

When you’re cooped up inside you might as well use the time for some learning activities. Don’t worry, we chose activities that are fun (for your kid and you).

Photo by Splendry


Practice colors, sorting, and patience with this easy color matching activity.

Photo by Darcy and Brian


Learn about numbers with this DIY rock number game.

Photo by Mom Brite


Add some fun into color learning with this pompom blowing game.

Hope you’ve found some fun ideas for whenever you’re stuck inside. 


It sure can be tough to keep your toddler engaged, but remember, these days, too, will pass. So don’t stress out if things don’t go as planned. Instead, try to have fun with whatever you can.


You’re doing a great job!!

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