Paper Snowman Template

Build your paper snowman with our free printable! Download this adorable paper snowman template and make your own frosty little friend.

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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… are you, too? We’ve only had a few tiny snowflakes fall here where we live. But we’re still optimistic. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get some snow for Christmas this year.

In case we don’t, we wanted to bring a little bit of snow to our YES! Christmas Activity Challenge. And what better way to have some snow fun than by building your very own snowman (even if it’s just paper).

Build a Paper Snowman

We came up with this fun printable activity for you. It’s a printable snowman template that you can use to make your very own paper snowman.

There are two pages to print out for this activity. The first is the blank snowman on which your little one can build the little snow friend.

And the second page is a template of all the pieces that will bring the snowman to life. You’ve got eyes, carrot for a nose, some sticks, hats and buttons and everything else you might need to build a real snowman.

How to Make the Snowman

Option A: Paper Snowman Craft

This craft is super easy to make. All you have to do is cut out all of the pieces and then glue them onto the snowman template.

Option B: Paper Snowman Game

Another option is to use this as a game and just place the pieces onto the snowman template. Encourage your child to try to come up with different combinations and have some fun with it. 

If you want to make your snowman super fashionable, you can even use accessories and some of the clothes we designed for the Dress-up Paper Dolls (they’ve got Winter Clothes, as well).

When you’re done playing, you can put the pieces away and reuse the game another day. (My daughter still asks to build this skeleton we made for her months after we first assembled it.)

Download your Snowman Template

Like all of our free printables, this paper snowman template is available for you to download from the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for free at the end of this post.

When you enter the library, search for ‘paper snowman template’ and click Download PDF.

Then print out on some regular office paper and start building your snowman! (Even if it’s still green outside…)

If you’re looking for other fun winter paper crafts, you might like this adorable Polar Bear Gift Bag or our very popular Reindeer Antlers Headband.

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Paper Snowman Template

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