Printable Christmas Placemat

Download our free printable Christmas placemat. Have your little ones do some fun activities while you enjoy your family Christmas dinner.

This post is part of the YES! Xmas Challenge, where we share one new (and free!) kids activity every single day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th.

To access all of the free activities featured in the challenge, click HERE.

Just like any other big family event, the family Christmas dinner can be stressful. Just getting all the food ready is a project in itself. And then you have to get the house in a presentable state, set the table, greet the guests, entertain, fix drinks. Sheeesh. It makes me nervous just thinking about it.

But somehow you do it. Because like every Mom out there you’re a superwoman. And just when you finally get to sit down to enjoy the meal, your little one goes: ‘Mom, I’m booored.’

Sound familiar? This happens all the time in our house. So for Day 20 of our YES! Christmas Activity Challenge, we made you something that might help.

Printable Placemat for your Christmas Dinner

Judging by how many times you guys downloaded the printable Thanksgiving placemat, we thought you’d like something similar for Christmas.

So we designed this cute festive placemat for you to use for the big night. Print out a copy (or two) for each of your kids and give them some crayons. They will have so much fun decorating their Christmas tree, helping Santa find your house in the maze and coloring everything in!

While I can’t guarantee this will keep your kiddo busy for the whole evening, it will at least buy you some time to eat the meal you worked so hard on in peace.

How to Download the Christmas Placemat

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When you’re in the library, search for ‘printable Christmas placemat’ and clock on the Download PDF button.

Now all you have to do is print these out and have them ready for Christmas Eve.

If you’re looking for other fun activities to do on Christmas Eve, check out the Christmas Bingo game and the Christmas Memory game. Or print out our template and make reindeer antlers headbands for all of the family members. You’ll have a blast with those!

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Printable Christmas Placemat

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