Printable Christmas Bingo Game

Planning a holiday family night? Download our free printable Christmas bingo game and make some memories. Calling cards included.

This post is part of the YES! Xmas Challenge, where we share one new (and free!) kids activity every single day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th.


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The holidays are the perfect time to plan some cozy family activities. The days are short, it’s cold outside, so nothing’s more inviting than gathering around the coffee table and playing a game together.


As you must know by now, we love making our own games and toys. We’ve shared quite a few on the blog. Christmas themed, too, like this Christmas Memory Game, and these Winter Paper Dolls.


And today we’ve got another fun one for you! A classic game that the whole family can play.

Christmas Bingo Game

We made a fun printable Christmas bingo game with cute Christmas illustrations. Bingo is a great game because it’s easy enough for young kids to play, but also fun for the older ones.


Our printable set includes six different bingo cards and a page with the calling cards. We’ve also included  striped cover pieces to place over the pictures, as they get drawn (make sure you print one striped page for each player). You could also use buttons, or something similar to put over the called pictures instead. 

Christmas Bingo Rules

Most of you probably know the rules, but let me just quickly remind you of how it goes.


Each of the players gets their own bingo card. Each card contains 24 pictures, situated on a 5 by 5 grid. The center space (marked “Free”) is considered automatically filled.


When the game starts, random pictures are drawn. Each player places the striped square over the picture that has been called.


The goal of the game is to complete a bingo pattern – a line with five numbers in a diagonal, horizontal or vertical row. The person who is the first to complete a pattern is the winner.

How to Download the Christmas Bingo Game

As always, this printable is available to download from the members’ library. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at the end of this post.


Once you’re in the library, search for ‘Printable Christmas Bingo Game’ and hit download.


Now go make some hot cocoa and let the family games begin!


Happy holidays!

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Christmas Bingo Game

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