Template for Mittens Crafts

Kids love to make paper mittens! Download our template for mittens crafts and decorate them with the patterns we designed or add some cotton balls to make them look like the real thing.

This post is part of the YES! Xmas Challenge, where we share one new (and free!) kids activity every single day from Dec 1st to Dec 25th.

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Oh my, this month of December has really flown by. We’ve had a blast coming up with all of these fun Christmas printables for you and your kiddo for the YES! Christmas Activity Challenge.

There are so many fun and engaging Christmas activities and crafts you can still do in these last few days until Christmas. Try the Christmas Bingo Game, the Color by Number Christmas Fireplace, or this Gingerbread Man Playdoh Mat

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Today’s gift is perhaps a bit less Christmasy, but we wanted to give you some activities to do in the quiet days after Christmas. Those are always really special, aren’t they?

Make your Paper Mittens with our Template

We came up with this simple template for mittens which you can use for all kinds of crafts that your kids will just love.

Idea #1: Make Patterned Paper Mittens

The first option is to only use the templates we give you and make cute patterned paper mittens. First, cut out the mittens (you can print them on some cardstock, so they’re sturdier) and then cut out the different shapes we added on the second page of our printable. 

Try out different patterns. This will help kids learn about shapes, colors (if you color cour shapes in) and also about patterns and pattern sequences.

Idea #2: Add Cotton Balls to your Mittens

I remember we used to do this when I was in primary school and I’m sure you did a similar craft at some point in your life. Begin the same way I described above and then glue some cotton balls onto the edges of the mittens. You can also add a string to connect the two mittens. Such fun.

Idea #3: Use it as a Coloring Page

If you’re pressed with time, you can simply use the template for mittens as a coloring page. Encourage your kiddo to come up with patterns to draw on the mittens and color everything in. A great quick go-to activity for winter days!

How to Download the Template for Mittens

As always with our freebies, you can download your mittens template from the members’ library. Not a member yet? No problem, you can sign up real quick at the end of the post.

Then once you’re in the library, just search for ‘template for mitten crafts’ and hit download. That’s it.

I hope you have fun making these fun mittens! And if you’re looking for some other paper winter crafts, don’t miss this Paper Snowman Template and our cute Polar Bear Gift Bag.

Happy holidays!

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